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Digital entrepreneurship

A virtual workplace

We offer a marketplace where the best companies and independent clients can find passionate freelancers to work on their projects, in an remote and collaborative manner, with a smart and sexy integrated system.

We can help you to build your business and make it real, without suffering with burocratic barriers.


Do you want to work independently?

The platoform is designed for all freelancers, from newbies to pros.

We want to help you build your digital business

by supporting startups and professionals

Freelancers of any level

Newbie or pro, you want to show your abilities while working in a wide range of projects

Take your time

Companies and professionals work independently and remotely with agile proccess

Enhance your image

Power up your brand with the help of the right professionals

We work on demand

We improve your project and fix the bugs on demand, and you pay for issues solved

Be independent

You wil work in different projects with different technologies, so you can continously learn and improve your skills

Easy payment

The payments are based on smart contracts that facilitate the work, based on real requirements

Share your thoughts

Freelancers can contribute with new ideas within projects and companies

Become a digital nomad

We help you to open your business anywhere in the world and work remotely

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    Tasks solved
  • 200

    Coffees taken
  • 4500

    In BRL
  • 500

  • 5

  • 20

    Work agreements

Are you a freelancer? Or wish to become one?

Let's be part of this worldwide team! You may be a designer, webdesigner, developer, translator, content marketing or SEO specialist etc. Subscribe to our list below, and receive job proposals from our clients!

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"The future is what I create today. Every day"

- Chris Brogan