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Digital entrepreneurship

For companies

We offer a marketplace where the best companies and independent clients can find passionate freelancers to work on their projects, in an remote and collaborative manner.

We help to open your business, to be fully remote and worldwide


For freelancers

We have great opportunities, and we provide help, support and guidance

We will give you value and mentoring


Freedom to manage your company from everywhere, freedom to work on demmand

Our vision is provide ways of collaborative work

This is our missions

For a better work and enjoy

We help to open your company

Open a remote company using Stripe Atlas

Wait for approval

It takes around 2 weeks for the registration

You show your face

Power up your brand with the help of our professionals

We solve your bugs

Whatever issue you have with your project, we are able to help with our solutions

Be independent

You can have your project indenpendently and our professionals are location independent too

Easy payment

We know a lot about payment worldwide, and we can help you a lot if you want to implement a marketplace


We want to be present and help on collaboration in different countries and cultures

A new way to work

Our contributors work in what they like and we colaborate to delivery as a team

  • 1000

    Tasks solved
  • 200

    Coffees taken
  • 4500

    In BRL
  • 500

  • 5

  • 20

    Work agreements

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"The future is what I create today. Every day"

- Chris Brogan